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Merge pull request #953 from gioman/grasssagacomposite
[processing] fixes SAGA RGBComposite and GRASS r.composite
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volaya committed Oct 20, 2013
2 parents 54c576f + 0bb3b23 commit 26702abe0dd232eb344a2e912cabc337e38f7428
Showing with 22 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +3 −1 python/plugins/processing/grass/description/r.composite.txt
  2. +19 −4 python/plugins/processing/saga/description/RGBComposite.txt
@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@ Raster (r.*)
ParameterNumber|levels|Number of levels to be used for each component|1.0|256.0|32
ParameterNumber|lev_red|Number of levels to be used for <red>|1|256|32
ParameterNumber|lev_green|Number of levels to be used for <green>|1|256|32
ParameterNumber|lev_blue|Number of levels to be used for <blue>|1|256|32
ParameterBoolean|-c|Use closest color|False
OutputRaster|output|Output RGB image
@@ -3,7 +3,22 @@ grid_visualisation
ParameterSelection|METHOD_R|Method for R value|0-255;Rescale to 0 - 255
ParameterSelection|METHOD_G|Method for G value|0-255;Rescale to 0 - 255
ParameterSelection|METHOD_B|Method for B value|0-255;Rescale to 0 - 255
OutputRaster|GRID_RGB|Output RGB
ParameterSelection|R_METHOD|Method for R value|0 - 255;Rescale to 0 - 255;User defined rescale;Percentiles;Percentage of standard deviation
ParameterSelection|G_METHOD|Method for G value|0 - 255;Rescale to 0 - 255;User defined rescale;Percentiles;Percentage of standard deviation
ParameterSelection|B_METHOD|Method for B value|0 - 255;Rescale to 0 - 255;User defined rescale;Percentiles;Percentage of standard deviation
ParameterNumber|R_RANGE_MIN|Rescale Range for RED min|0|255|0
ParameterNumber|R_RANGE_MAX|Rescale Range for RED max|0|255|255
ParameterNumber|R_PERCTL_MIN|Percentiles Range for RED max|1|99|1
ParameterNumber|R_PERCTL_MAX|Percentiles Range for RED max|1|99|99
ParameterNumber|R_PERCENT|Percentage of standard deviation for RED|0|None|150.0
ParameterNumber|G_RANGE_MIN|Rescale Range for GREEN min|0|255|0
ParameterNumber|G_RANGE_MAX|Rescale Range for GREEN max|0|255|255
ParameterNumber|G_PERCTL_MIN|Percentiles Range for GREEN max|1|99|1
ParameterNumber|G_PERCTL_MAX|Percentiles Range for GREEN max|1|99|99
ParameterNumber|G_PERCENT|Percentage of standard deviation for GREEN|0|None|150.0
ParameterNumber|B_RANGE_MIN|Rescale Range for BLUE min|0|255|0
ParameterNumber|B_RANGE_MAX|Rescale Range for BLUE max|0|255|255
ParameterNumber|B_PERCTL_MIN|Percentiles Range for BLUE max|1|99|1
ParameterNumber|B_PERCTL_MAX|Percentiles Range for BLUE max|1|99|99
ParameterNumber|B_PERCENT|Percentage of standard deviation for BLUE|0|None|150.0
OutputRaster|GRID_RGB|Output RGB

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