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Added some comments based on chats with Martin

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timlinux committed Apr 1, 2006
1 parent 7aae2b2 commit 26a96f85435a7a865c8127e6750dc96c92cf0835
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  1. +6 −0 src/gui/qgsmaptool.h
@@ -46,10 +46,16 @@ class QgsMapTool
//! Called when rendering has finished
virtual void renderComplete() {}

/** Use this to associate a button, toolbutton, menu entry etc
* that inherits qaction to this maptool. Then when the setMapTool
* method of mapcanvas is called the action state will be set to on.
* Usually this will cause e.g. a toolbutton to appear pressed in and
* the previously used toolbutton to pop out. */
void setAction(QAction* action) { mAction = action; }

QAction* action() { return mAction; }

/** TODO change this method name to bool isZoomTool() ???? */
virtual QString toolName() { return "generic tool"; }

//! called when set as currently active map tool

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