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Added notes for unattended install and customising installer
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development versions on the same machine and
being able to package them without issue.

Unattended Install:

The QGIS installer supports silent installation now.
Run from the command line like this

qgis_setup0.8.1.exe /S

There are a few things to note:
- after running the above command the installer will
fork to the background and immediately return
you to the prompt.
- the installer uses all default options that means
that it will try to go onto the internet and
retrieve the two sample datasets of around 20mb each.
- if you wish to customise the datasets etc that are
installed, you can quite easily modify the nsis
installer - its in svn 0.8 branch under win_build.

Customising the installer:

The procedure for creating your custom installer is
(more or less)

- Install qgis 0.8.1 preview (and later final
release) into c:\Program Files\qgis0.8.1
- Install nulsoft NSIS installer application
- Check out the win_build dir from qgis 0.8 branch:

- Follow the notes pertaining to fixing auto unzip
issues in the source in higher up in this document
- edit qgis.nsi and add remove sample data etc.
- Run nsis on the nsi file
- Feel good and be happy :-)

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