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Test if NULL is selected
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signedav committed Oct 30, 2018
1 parent 47243dc commit 278d293
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Expand Up @@ -119,6 +119,18 @@ def testClearToDefault(self):
self.assertEqual(w.text(), 'def')

def test_selectedText(self):
""" test that NULL value is selected on focus and not-null value is not"""
w = qgis.gui.QgsFilterLineEdit(nullValue='my_null_value')
self.assertEqual(w.selectedText(), 'my_null_value')

w.setValue('my new value')
self.assertEqual(w.selectedText(), '')

self.assertEqual(w.selectedText(), 'my_null_value')

@unittest.skipIf(not use_signal_spy, "No QSignalSpy available")
def test_ChangedSignals(self):
""" test that signals are correctly emitted when clearing"""
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