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added new most active translators to the translators list
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macho committed May 18, 2010
1 parent ae2293a commit 2b060b659d70fc4ffe71c58c227a0020e97bb2e6
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@@ -14,11 +14,12 @@ Arabic|Assem Kamal, Latif Jalil
Chinese Simplified|Zhang Jun
Chinese Traditional|Nungyao Lin
Croatian|Zoran Jankovic
Czech|Martin Landa, Peter Antolik, Martin Dzurov
Czech|Martin Landa, Peter Antolik, Martin Dzurov, Jan Helebrant
Danish|Henriette Roued
Dutch|Richard Duivenvoorde, Raymond Nijssen
French|Eve Rousseau, Marc Monnerat, Lionel Roubeyrie, Jean Roc Morreale
German|Jürgen E. Fischer, Stephan Holl, Otto Dassau, Werner Macho
Greek|Mike Pegnigiannis, Nikos Ves
Hungarian|Siki Zoltan
Icelandic|Thordur Ivarsson
Indonesian|Januar V. Simarmata

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