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[SIP] add QgsIdentifyMenu
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3nids committed Sep 17, 2014
1 parent c5d3be5 commit 2b2066a
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1 change: 1 addition & 0 deletions python/gui/gui.sip
Expand Up @@ -58,6 +58,7 @@
%Include qgsformannotationitem.sip
%Include qgsgenericprojectionselector.sip
%Include qgshtmlannotationitem.sip
%Include qgsidentifymenu.sip
%Include qgslegendinterface.sip
%Include qgspluginmanagerinterface.sip
%Include qgslonglongvalidator.sip
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86 changes: 86 additions & 0 deletions python/gui/qgsidentifymenu.sip
@@ -0,0 +1,86 @@
class QgsIdentifyMenu : QMenu
#include <qgsidentifymenu.h>

enum MenuLevel

struct ActionData

ActionData( QgsMapLayer* layer, QgsMapLayerAction* mapLayerAction = 0 );

ActionData( QgsMapLayer* layer, QgsFeatureId fid, QgsMapLayerAction* mapLayerAction = 0 );

bool mIsValid;
bool mAllResults;
bool mIsExternalAction;
QgsMapLayer* mLayer;
QgsFeatureId mFeatureId;
MenuLevel mLevel;
QgsMapLayerAction* mMapLayerAction;

* @brief QgsIdentifyMenu is a menu to be used to choose within a list of QgsMapTool::IdentifyReults
explicit QgsIdentifyMenu( QgsMapCanvas* canvas );


//! define if the menu executed can return multiple results (e.g. all results or all identified features of a vector layer)
void setAllowMultipleReturn( bool multipleReturn );
bool allowMultipleReturn();

//! define if the menu will be shown with a single idetify result
void setExecWithSingleResult( bool execWithSingleResult );
bool execWithSingleResult();

* @brief define if attribute actions(1) and map layer actions(2) can be listed and run from the menu
* @note custom actions will be shown in any case if they exist.
* @note (1) attribute actions are defined by the user in the layer properties @see QgsAttributeAction
* @note (2) map layer actions are built-in c++ actions or actions which are defined by a python plugin @see QgsMapLayerActionRegistry
void setShowFeatureActions( bool showFeatureActions );
bool showFeatureActions();

* @brief setResultsIfExternalAction if set to false (default) the menu will not return any results if an external action has been triggered
* @note external action can be either custom actions or feature / map layer actions (@see setShowFeatureActions)
void setResultsIfExternalAction( bool resultsIfExternalAction );
bool resultsIfExternalAction();

//! Defines the maximimum number of layers displayed in the menu (default is 10).
//! @note 0 is unlimited.
void setMaxLayerDisplay( int maxLayerDisplay );
int maxLayerDisplay();

//! Defines the maximimum number of features displayed in the menu for vector layers (default is 10).
//! @note 0 is unlimited.
void setMaxFeatureDisplay( int maxFeatureDisplay );
int maxFeatureDisplay();

//! adds a new custom action to the menu
void addCustomAction( QgsMapLayerAction* action );

//! remove all custom actions from the menu to be built
void removeCustomActions();

* @brief exec
* @param idResults the list of identify results to choose within
* @param pos the position where the menu will be executed
* @param selectedAction if specified, this will allow to know which action has been triggered
QList<QgsMapToolIdentify::IdentifyResult> exec( const QList<QgsMapToolIdentify::IdentifyResult> idResults, QPoint pos );

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