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Add v.out.vtk algorithm

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Médéric RIBREUX committed Mar 12, 2016
1 parent a7ec96c commit 2e0e7b6b17f365630a0bf8d3ff3354627a8a8dd8
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@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
Converts a vector map to VTK ASCII output.
Vector (v.*)
ParameterVector|input|Name of input vector map|-1|False
ParameterString|precision|Number of significant digits (floating point only)|None|False|True
ParameterNumber|zscale|Scale factor for elevation|0.0|None|1.0|True
*ParameterBoolean|-c|Correct the coordinates to fit the VTK-OpenGL precision|False
*ParameterBoolean|-n|Export numeric attribute table fields as VTK scalar variables|False
OutputFile|output|VTK File

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