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Added some HIG guidelines (more to come)
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CMakeLists.txt parts) are still being worked on so that the testing framework
works in a truly platform way. I will update this document as things progress.

= HIG (Human Interface Guidelines) =

In order for all graphical user interface elements to appear consistant and
to all the user to instinctively use dialogs, it is important that the following
guidelines are followed in layout and design of GUIs.

+ Group related elements using group boxes:
Try to identify elements that can be grouped together and then use
group boxes with a label identify the topic of that group.
+ Capitalise first letter only in group box labels:
Group box labels should be written as a phrase with leading capital letter,
and all remaing words written with lower case first letters
+ Do not end labels for widgets or group boxes with a colon:
Adding a colon causes visual noise and does not impart additional meaning,
so dont use them.
+ Keep harmful actions away from harmless ones:
If you have actions for 'delete', 'remove' etc, try to impose adequate
space between the harmful action and innocuous actions so that the users
is less likely to inadvertantly click on the harmful action.
+ Always use a QButtonBox for 'Ok', 'Cancel' etc buttons:
Using a button box will ensure that the order of 'Ok' and 'Cancel' etc,
buttons is consistent with the operating system / locale / desktop
environment that the user is using.

= Authors =

* Tim Sutton (author and editor)
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