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Release of 3.10.13

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jef-n committed Dec 20, 2020
1 parent 89be733 commit 311f3bbade1efaf9ab8c135255b50c55564b0b36
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# Project and version
240 ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,243 @@
Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2020-12-21

translation update for 3.10.13 from transifex

qgis-bot <> 2020-12-18

Follow up b5469c933, also close Select by Form dialog when layer is removed (#40617)

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-12-15

oracle provider: fix saving of styles

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-12-15

Fix crash when removing a layer while Select by Expression dialog in opened

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-12-14

[Bugfix] Access control override filter expression instead of combine

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-12-09

Fix crasher when the symbol selector panel is open via symbol button widget

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-12-07

Do not register QgsFilterLineEdit's child widgets as QgsOptionsDialogHighlightWidget

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-12-06

updated Swedish national catalogue

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-12-03

fix support for proj >7.2

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2020-12-02

[Backport release-3_10] Fix server virtual layers load

Manual backport of

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-11-30

[vertextool] Fix crash when switching layers with a locked feature present

github-actions[bot] <github-actions[bot]> 2020-12-01

Server: do not crash on broken tree

Nyall Dawson <> 2020-11-13

Don't install owslib through pip, it tries to install pyproj and a custom proj build...

(cherry picked from commit ebd654c4f3f34c5802d329fa326582d36be56ab7)

ValPinna <> 2020-11-22

Update translators list and fix svg Sardinian Flag and name not show on Options tab

Even Rouault <> 2020-11-19

Fix random stall in QgsBlockingNetworkRequest at QGIS exit

which prevents the application from exiting (GUI remains blocked)

This fixes a 'random' issue (occurs maybe 20% of the time I try to reproduce it)
when a vector layer using QgsBlockingNetworkRequest is running in a map renderer
job when QGIS exits. The scenario I use involves adding an Elasticsearch OGR layer,
zooming in/out a bit (not sure it is needed), saving the project, and within
a few tens of second later (maybe 0.1 to 0.5s later) clicking on the close
window button (timing is tricky...)

The stacktrace of when it stalls is below. So for some reason the QEventLoop of
QgsBlockingNetworkRequest never exits (not even when the timeout of network requests
When adding a version of this patch with a print statement in the slot, I could see
that the aboutToQuit() signal is triggered sometimes, and I can no longer reproduce
the stalls.

(gdb) bt
0 pthread_cond_wait@@GLIBC_2.3.2 () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/pthread_cond_wait.S:185
1 0x00007ffff18ab5bb in QWaitCondition::wait(QMutex*, unsigned long) () from /opt/qt59/lib/
2 0x00007ffff18a60d5 in QThreadPoolPrivate::waitForDone(int) () from /opt/qt59/lib/
3 0x00007ffff18a6491 in QThreadPool::waitForDone(int) () from /opt/qt59/lib/
4 0x00007ffff3791102 in QgsApplication::exitQgis () at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsapplication.cpp:1309
5 0x00007ffff6f6b4f0 in QgisApp::~QgisApp (this=0xc20920, __in_chrg=<optimized out>) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/app/qgisapp.cpp:1889
6 0x00007ffff6f6b740 in QgisApp::~QgisApp (this=0xc20920, __in_chrg=<optimized out>) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/app/qgisapp.cpp:1891
7 0x00000000004161ad in main (argc=1, argv=0x7fffffffd798) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/app/main.cpp:1638
(gdb) thread apply all bt

Thread 6 (Thread 0x7fffaa52f700 (LWP 24484)):
0 0x00007ffff0f3280d in poll () at ../sysdeps/unix/syscall-template.S:84
1 0x00007fffe7f4d38c in ?? () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
2 0x00007fffe7f4d49c in g_main_context_iteration () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
3 0x00007ffff1adf29f in QEventDispatcherGlib::processEvents(QFlags<QEventLoop::ProcessEventsFlag>) () from /opt/qt59/lib/
4 0x00007ffff1a8813a in QEventLoop::exec(QFlags<QEventLoop::ProcessEventsFlag>) () from /opt/qt59/lib/
5 0x00007ffff37c2b8a in QgsBlockingNetworkRequest::<lambda()>::operator()(void) const (__closure=0x7fff9c0e12d0) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsblockingnetworkrequest.cpp:203
6 0x00007ffff37c560c in std::_Function_handler<void(), QgsBlockingNetworkRequest::doRequest(QgsBlockingNetworkRequest::Method, QNetworkRequest&, bool, QgsFeedback*)::<lambda()> >::_M_invoke(const std::_Any_data &) (__functor=...) at /usr/include/c++/5/functional:1871
7 0x00007ffff318a868 in std::function<void ()>::operator()() const (this=0x7fffaa527a40) at /usr/include/c++/5/functional:2267
8 0x00007ffff37c339b in QgsBlockingNetworkRequest::doRequest (this=0x7fffaa527c60, method=QgsBlockingNetworkRequest::Get, request=..., forceRefresh=true, feedback=0x7fff9c0d4980)
at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsblockingnetworkrequest.cpp:252
9 0x00007ffff37c2327 in QgsBlockingNetworkRequest::get (this=0x7fffaa527c60, request=..., forceRefresh=true, feedback=0x7fff9c0d4980) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsblockingnetworkrequest.cpp:59
10 0x00007ffff388f1c3 in QgsCPLHTTPFetchOverrider::callback (
pszURL=0x7fff9c19da90 "http://localhost:9201/_search/scroll?scroll=1m&scroll_id=FGluY2x1ZGVfY29udGV4dF91dWlkDXF1ZXJ5QW5kRmV0Y2gBFEM1Y0gzblVCTkVidlF6YlJnUC1DAAAAAAAAA9cWTFBzeGVGZXpSZ3VXOUlkazhYM0Rvdw==",
papszOptions=0x0, pfnWrite=0x0, pWriteArg=0x0, pUserData=0x7fffaa528620) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgscplhttpfetchoverrider.cpp:139
--Type <RET> for more, q to quit, c to continue without paging--
11 0x00007fffef3ddf96 in CPLHTTPFetchEx (
pszURL=0x7fff9c19da90 "http://localhost:9201/_search/scroll?scroll=1m&scroll_id=FGluY2x1ZGVfY29udGV4dF91dWlkDXF1ZXJ5QW5kRmV0Y2gBFEM1Y0gzblVCTkVidlF6YlJnUC1DAAAAAAAAA9cWTFBzeGVGZXpSZ3VXOUlkazhYM0Rvdw==",
papszOptions=0x0, pfnProgress=0x0, pProgressArg=0x0, pfnWrite=0x0, pWriteArg=0x0) at cpl_http.cpp:1081
12 0x00007fffef3dd9f6 in CPLHTTPFetch (
pszURL=0x7fff9c19da90 "http://localhost:9201/_search/scroll?scroll=1m&scroll_id=FGluY2x1ZGVfY29udGV4dF91dWlkDXF1ZXJ5QW5kRmV0Y2gBFEM1Y0gzblVCTkVidlF6YlJnUC1DAAAAAAAAA9cWTFBzeGVGZXpSZ3VXOUlkazhYM0Rvdw==",
papszOptions=0x0) at cpl_http.cpp:972
13 0x00007fffef885cfd in OGRElasticDataSource::HTTPFetch (this=0x7fff9c094180,
pszURL=0x7fff9c19da90 "http://localhost:9201/_search/scroll?scroll=1m&scroll_id=FGluY2x1ZGVfY29udGV4dF91dWlkDXF1ZXJ5QW5kRmV0Y2gBFEM1Y0gzblVCTkVidlF6YlJnUC1DAAAAAAAAA9cWTFBzeGVGZXpSZ3VXOUlkazhYM0Rvdw==",
papszOptions=0x0) at ogrelasticdatasource.cpp:590
14 0x00007fffef885e19 in OGRElasticDataSource::RunRequest (this=0x7fff9c094180,
pszURL=0x7fff9c19da90 "http://localhost:9201/_search/scroll?scroll=1m&scroll_id=FGluY2x1ZGVfY29udGV4dF91dWlkDXF1ZXJ5QW5kRmV0Y2gBFEM1Y0gzblVCTkVidlF6YlJnUC1DAAAAAAAAA9cWTFBzeGVGZXpSZ3VXOUlkazhYM0Rvdw==",
pszPostContent=0x7fffaa5283b0 "", anSilentedHTTPErrors=std::vector of length 0, capacity 0) at ogrelasticdatasource.cpp:612
15 0x00007fffef891f52 in OGRElasticLayer::GetNextRawFeature (this=0x7fff9c0932e0) at ogrelasticlayer.cpp:1159
16 0x00007fffef891245 in OGRElasticLayer::GetNextFeature (this=0x7fff9c0932e0) at ogrelasticlayer.cpp:995
17 0x00007fffef9ecd35 in OGR_L_GetNextFeature (hLayer=0x7fff9c0932e0) at ogrlayer.cpp:551
18 0x00007ffff3712b71 in QgsOgrFeatureIterator::fetchFeature (this=0x7fff9c0cf5d0, feature=...) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/providers/ogr/qgsogrfeatureiterator.cpp:400
19 0x00007ffff390431c in QgsAbstractFeatureIterator::nextFeature (this=0x7fff9c0cf5d0, f=...) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsfeatureiterator.cpp:63
20 0x00007ffff7018a24 in QgsFeatureIterator::nextFeature (this=0x7fff9c0cf390, f=...) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsfeatureiterator.h:376
21 0x00007ffff3c5bda4 in QgsVectorLayerFeatureIterator::fetchFeature (this=0x7fff9c0cf150, f=...) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsvectorlayerfeatureiterator.cpp:442
22 0x00007ffff390431c in QgsAbstractFeatureIterator::nextFeature (this=0x7fff9c0cf150, f=...) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsfeatureiterator.cpp:63
23 0x00007ffff7018a24 in QgsFeatureIterator::nextFeature (this=0x7fffaa528aa0, f=...) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsfeatureiterator.h:376
24 0x00007ffff3c7443d in QgsVectorLayerRenderer::drawRenderer (this=0x4e07480, fit=...) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsvectorlayerrenderer.cpp:346
25 0x00007ffff3c73d43 in QgsVectorLayerRenderer::render (this=0x4e07480) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsvectorlayerrenderer.cpp:315
26 0x00007ffff39c724e in QgsMapRendererCustomPainterJob::doRender (this=0x4dbd3b0) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsmaprenderercustompainterjob.cpp:317
27 0x00007ffff39c6cce in QgsMapRendererCustomPainterJob::staticRender (self=0x4dbd3b0) at /home/even/qgis/QGIS/src/core/qgsmaprenderercustompainterjob.cpp:267
28 0x00007ffff39ca485 in QtConcurrent::StoredFunctorCall1<void, void (*)(QgsMapRendererCustomPainterJob*), QgsMapRendererCustomPainterJob*>::runFunctor (this=0x4d435f0)
at /opt/qt59/include/QtConcurrent/qtconcurrentstoredfunctioncall.h:432
29 0x00007ffff39c7e9d in QtConcurrent::RunFunctionTask<void>::run (this=0x4d435f0) at /opt/qt59/include/QtConcurrent/qtconcurrentrunbase.h:136
30 0x00007ffff18a6943 in ?? () from /opt/qt59/lib/
31 0x00007ffff18aa659 in ?? () from /opt/qt59/lib/
32 0x00007fffe93dc6ba in start_thread (arg=0x7fffaa52f700) at pthread_create.c:333
33 0x00007ffff0f3e4dd in clone () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:109

(cherry picked from commit a689043be7af6a7d0ff1529aa459e668aa33758f)

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2020-11-18

Allow non-ASCII layer filenames exporting GeoPDF

(cherry picked from commit bf44fdfed99db412a394bde75703257e8df1dc3e)

Nyall Dawson <> 2020-11-14

Fix crash when trying to use meta enums on some platforms

Keeping references to static meta objects and meta enums around seems
to avoid the crash

(cherry picked from commit 278ccb8e85442a630b911e33cb15e11f9ed01cc1)

Nyall Dawson <> 2020-11-06

Fix authentication configuration is lost when adding Arcgis Feature
Service/Map service layers via source select dialog instead of browser

Fixes #39822

(cherry picked from commit 443695c25f97a1e661b58c66cce3274f6dbb4c08)

Nyall Dawson <> 2020-11-15

Fix color menu disappears immediately when tweaking color on qt 5.15 builds

(cherry picked from commit bff43e44fd19fbb7a0663ae4fee6ccfd2f78c759)

Ismail Sunni <> 2020-11-05

Show referer on WMS connection dialog from browser.

(cherry picked from commit 8cf5089c6f380adb3bdf303e762ed5e55c207318)

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2020-11-11

Fix importlib util module import

to avoid "module 'importlib' has no attribute 'util'" error that prevent the load of user scripts in some circumstances

(cherry picked from commit 40569f414ebbf5c021f29bd3150882afbc48ceec)

Andrea Giudiceandrea <> 2020-10-31

[processing] fix method name in GUI wrapper

(cherry picked from commit fa1b704a5c7bc4b12679954b37d429f79d080dee)

Nyall Dawson <> 2020-10-28

Fix reshape line tool fails when reshape line partially exactly
overlaps geometry

(cherry picked from commit 37de804b009dacce68d4c97769e3773f9498d642)

Nyall Dawson <> 2020-10-28

Fix logic in QgsUserInputWidget which incorrectly deletes other
widgets whenever one existing widget is deleted

Fixes calls to iface.addUserInputWidget() does not show any widget if
an existing user input widget is already shown

(cherry picked from commit d8351c0a211588c7eed9bc3a887ca8c38fe950c0)

Alexander Bruy <> 2020-10-27

[processing] correctly escape parentheses in GDAL command (fix #39525)

(cherry picked from commit bfdb99fe6592813ab8b9ec98bfe8adf463323877)

Nyall Dawson <> 2020-10-18

[processing] Fix Import Geotagged photos algorithm incorrectly
assigns form widgets when saving the results to GPKG or other
formats which automatically insert new fields into the result

Also tweak widget behavior for newer resource widget functionality

(cherry picked from commit ff336ade18f4d6b307e4ed0e98fee77ee11a157c)

domi <> 2020-10-25

Fix mssql connections not added/removed predictabely when not from main thread

(cherry picked from commit cf37cb94f38230bee6d1066ad622c16f1bece8b5)

Even Rouault <> 2020-10-23

[WFS provider] Fix connecting to a server with non-basic authentication

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2020-11-20

Release of 3.10.12

Jürgen E. Fischer <> 2020-11-20

translation update for 3.10.12 from transifex
@@ -1,8 +1,14 @@
qgis (3.10.12) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
qgis (3.10.13) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

* Release of 3.10.13

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Mon, 21 Dec 2020 00:13:32 +0100

qgis (3.10.12) unstable; urgency=medium

* Release of 3.10.12

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 20 Nov 2020 14:08:49 +0100
-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Mon, 21 Dec 2020 00:13:32 +0100

qgis (3.10.11) unstable; urgency=medium

@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@

<release version="3.10.13" date="2020-12-21" />
<release version="3.10.12" date="2020-11-20" />
<release version="3.10.11" date="2020-10-23" />
<release version="3.10.10" date="2020-09-11" />

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