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updated splash and changelog for 1.7.2 to release
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mach0 committed Nov 13, 2011
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= Whats new in Version 1.7.2 'Wroclaw'? =

This is a bugfix release over version 1.7.0. The following changes
were made.

- Fix Gdaltools error checking for ogr layers
- More Translations in OSM plugin
- Fix for ticket #4283 (composer forgets on/off status of layers)
- Fix to v.generalize for recent GRASS versions
- Fix typos in GRASS command list
- Restore override cursor when about box is shown
- Enhance maximum for point displacement tolerance (ticket #4319)
- Added Python wrappers for QgsZonalStatistics
- fix #4331
- fix #4282
- Match proj4string in database
- Fix #4241 (Ensure that we have a valid line in line decoration)
- Fix label id for GetPrint in composer
- Added gource script (thanks Nathan) and qgis download stats
- Added simple script to generate a tarball
- [FEATURE] Make the gdaltools command editable to fix #3041
- Corrected URLs for GitHub and for the issue tracker (it now points to Redmine).
- Fix shift in point displacement renderer
- Fix for a crash in projection selection
- Fix for ticket #4308
- Insert date value in attribute editor
- Fixing typos in IT GUI
- Enable "add direction symbol" only for line layers (#4387)
- Handle raster layer's transparency band while rendering (fix #2491)
- Allow setting I/O encoding for OGR layers in vector layer properties.
- Fix #4414 (svg indicators for arrows are not shown)
- Label direction symbol shouldn't depend on "map" vs. "line" orientation.
- Set prompt as default behaviour for unknown CRS
- For EPSG initialize GDAL CRS from authid instead of proj.4 string
- Fix #4439
- Fix #4444. Patch by Vaclav Petras
- Fix #4440 (invalid reference to trac)
- Fix stopRender call in graduated symbol renderer
- Fix Windows build
- Fix #4479 - trigger "new color ramp" always when activated
- Hide query entry in legend context menu for layers with joins
- Refresh map list in composer table widget in showEvent. Ticket #4496
- OS X build/install updates
- GRASS version support
- Intializing from WKT favourize EPSG instead of PROJ.4

= Whats new in Version 1.7.1 'Wroclaw'? =

This is a bugfix release over version 1.7.0. The following changes
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