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Add the possibility to set a different pkgdatapath at runtime. This i…
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…s not used by the normal qgis gui application (only by the server application i'm currently developing)

git-svn-id: c8812cc2-4d05-0410-92ff-de0c093fc19c
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mhugent committed Jul 4, 2006
1 parent b12da70 commit 32fadc3
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 0 deletions.
2 changes: 2 additions & 0 deletions src/core/qgsapplication.h
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Expand Up @@ -72,6 +72,8 @@ class QgsApplication: public QApplication
//! Returns the path to the current theme directory.
static const QString& themePath() { return mThemePath; }

void setPkgDataPath(const QString& path){mPkgDataPath = path;}

static QString mPrefixPath;
static QString mPluginPath;
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