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db_manager: add tooltip to default value field when editing table fie…

…ld properties (fixes #13856)
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jef-n committed Mar 8, 2018
1 parent ed03913 commit 333f2c3af989eec053a4b6a8e47cad3483a7a390
Showing with 5 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +5 −2 python/plugins/db_manager/ui/DlgFieldProperties.ui
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
@@ -67,12 +67,15 @@
<item row="4" column="0">
<widget class="QLabel" name="label_4">
<property name="text">
<string>Default value</string>
<string>Default value expression</string>
<item row="4" column="1">
<widget class="QLineEdit" name="editDefault">
<property name="toolTip">
<string>&lt;html&gt;&lt;head/&gt;&lt;body&gt;&lt;p&gt;Properly quoted PostgreSQL expression (e.g. &lt;code&gt;4&lt;/code&gt;, &lt;code&gt;'text'&lt;/code&gt; or &lt;code&gt;nextval('foo_id_seq')&lt;/code&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;/body&gt;&lt;/html&gt;</string>
<property name="text">
<string notr="true"/>

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