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[travis] Only build outside ctest on master
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m-kuhn committed Aug 10, 2017
1 parent e6c7421 commit 349c19752abd577b1409d3a6924df3d5556cc161
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  1. +10 −3 .ci/travis/linux/
@@ -29,9 +29,16 @@ export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

export CTEST_BUILD_COMMAND="/usr/bin/make -j3 -i -k"

pushd build
# This works around an issue where travis would timeout on master because
# when make is run inside ctest no output is generated. At the current time
# nobody know why, but at least this workaround gets travis results for master
# back. Better approaches VERY welcome.
if [[ ${TRAVIS_BRANCH} == "master" ]];
pushd build

python ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/.ci/travis/scripts/ \
xvfb-run ctest -V -E "$(cat ${DIR}/blacklist.txt | sed -r '/^(#.*?)?$/d' | paste -sd '|' -)" -S ${DIR}/../travis.ctest --output-on-failure

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