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nyalldawson committed Jul 15, 2017
1 parent 7baa623 commit 353d4fc70371fae2da440fd9b9697635a38e4053
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  1. +8 −0 src/core/qgsspatialindex.cpp
@@ -163,6 +163,14 @@ class QgsSpatialIndexData : public QSharedData

* Constructor for QgsSpatialIndexData which bulk loads features from the specified feature iterator
* \a fi.
* The optional \a feedback object can be used to allow cancelation of bulk feature loading. Ownership
* of \a feedback is not transferred, and callers must take care that the lifetime of feedback exceeds
* that of the spatial index construction.
explicit QgsSpatialIndexData( const QgsFeatureIterator &fi, QgsFeedback *feedback = nullptr )
QgsFeatureIteratorDataStream fids( fi, feedback );

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