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Added test reference file for getfeatureinfo no width

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elpaso committed Mar 11, 2018
1 parent 59e68d9 commit 39778b16d8268e8b0e36769f0bb1fbcc38b43e04
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  1. +15 −0 tests/testdata/qgis_server/wms_getfeatureinfo_filter_no_width.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,15 @@
Content-Length: 577
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8

<BoundingBox maxy="5606017.87425818" maxx="913214.67407005" miny="5606017.87425818" CRS="EPSG:3857" minx="913214.67407005"/>
<Layer name="testlayer èé">
<Feature id="1">
<Attribute value="2" name="id"/>
<Attribute value="two" name="name"/>
<Attribute value="two àò" name="utf8nameè"/>
<Attribute value="1" name="orig_ogc_fid"/>
<BoundingBox maxy="5606017.8743" maxx="913214.6741" miny="5606017.8743" CRS="EPSG:3857" minx="913214.6741"/>

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