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NathanW2 committed Feb 20, 2012
2 parents b90d550 + 6fab61a commit 3bfbb59
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Expand Up @@ -1221,7 +1221,7 @@ Download William Kyngesburye's excellent GDAL Complete package that includes
PROJ, GEOS, GDAL, SQLite3, Spatialite, and image libraries, as frameworks.
There is also a GSL framework.

Once downloaded, open and install the frameworks.

Expand All @@ -1230,11 +1230,11 @@ support). QGIS just needs the libpq client library, so unless you want to
setup the full Postgres + PostGIS server, all you need is the client-only
package. It's available here:

Also available is a GRASS application:

5.2.1. Additional Dependencies: General compatibility note
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