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Cleanup inconsistent margins in options dialog

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nyalldawson committed Oct 5, 2020
1 parent d12dcf3 commit 3db9e52e31e397b64431fa072da454b210cac34f
Showing with 238 additions and 28 deletions.
  1. +14 −2 python/console/console_settings.ui
  2. +224 −26 src/ui/qgsoptionsbase.ui
@@ -60,11 +60,23 @@
<layout class="QGridLayout" name="gridLayout">
<property name="leftMargin">
<property name="topMargin">
<property name="rightMargin">
<property name="bottomMargin">
<item row="1" column="0">
<widget class="QgsCollapsibleGroupBox" name="groupBox_4">
<property name="title">

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