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= Introduction =

This document is the original installation guide of the described software
Quantum GIS. The software and hardware descriptions named in this
document are in most cases registered trademarks and are therefore subject
to the legal requirements. Quantum GIS is subject to the GNU General Public
License. Find more information on the Quantum GIS Homepage:

The details, that are given in this document have been written and verified
to the best of knowledge and responsibility of the editors. Nevertheless,
mistakes concerning the content are possible. Therefore, all data are not
liable to any duties or guarantees. The editors and publishers do not take
any responsibility or liability for failures and their consequences. You are
always welcome for indicating possible mistakes.

You can download this document as part of the Quantum GIS 'User and
Installation Guide' in HTML and PDF format via A current
version is also available at the wiki, see:

Translations of this document can also be downloaded at the documentation area
of the Quantum GIS project at More information is
available via

Please visit for information on joining our mailing lists
and getting involved in the project further.

/!\ ***Note to document writers:*** Please use this document as the central
place for describing build procefures. Please do not remove this notice.

Expand All @@ -31,7 +57,6 @@ simply copy the commands listed in codeblocks that look like this:

``` somecommand to be pasted ```

= General Build Note =

At version 0.8.1 QGIS no longer uses the autotools for building. QGIS, like a
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -1051,11 +1076,6 @@ copy contents of pgsql directory from the archive to ``c:\msys\local``
We're done with preparation of MSYS environment. Now you can delete all stuff in ``c:\msys\local\src`` - it takes quite a lot
of space and it's not necessary at all.

= Further help and information =

Please visit for information on joining our mailing lists
and getting involved in the project further.

= Authors and Acknowledgments =

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