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Added whats new text for 1.4 release.
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timlinux committed Dec 14, 2009
1 parent 3aeb915 commit 4594371
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96 changes: 64 additions & 32 deletions src/app/qgisapp.cpp
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Expand Up @@ -2126,44 +2126,76 @@ void QgisApp::about()
abt->setVersion( versionString );
QString whatsNew = "<html><body>" ;
whatsNew += "<h2>" + tr( "Version" ) + " " + QString( QGis::QGIS_VERSION ) + "</h2>";
whatsNew += "<h3>" + tr( "Whats new in Version 1.3.0?" ) + "</h3>"
whatsNew += "<h3>" + tr( "Whats new in Version 1.4.0?" ) + "</h3>"
+ tr( "Please note that this is a release in our 'cutting edge' release series. As "
"such it contains new features and extends the programmatic interface over "
"QGIS 1.0.x and QGIS 1.2.0. If an unchanging user interface, programmatic API "
"QGIS 1.0.x and QGIS 1.3.0. If an unchanging user interface, programmatic API "
"and long term support is more important to you then cool new and untested "
"features, we recommend that you use a copy of QGIS from our Long Term Support "
"(LTS)1.0.x release series." )
tr( "This release includes over 30 bug fixes and enhancements "
"over the QGIS 1.2.0 release. In addition we have added "
"the following new features:" )
+ tr( "<p>OSM plugin &amp; provider updates:</p>\n"
" <li>new OSM style files.</li>\n"
" <li>new icons.</li>\n"
" <li>dialog text updated and completed.</li>\n"
" <li>Saving OSM into file functionality was improvements.</li>\n"
" <li>fixed some problems with encoding... ascii to utf-8.</li>\n"
" <li>all OSM layers are automatically removed after disabling OSM plugin in plugin manager.</li>\n"
" <li>other OSM related bugfixes.</li>\n"
"<p>Other notable features and improvements in this release</p>\n"
" <li>Marker size is now configurable when editing a layer.</li>\n"
" <li>Incorporation of the analysis library into the mainstream release.</li>\n"
" <li>Identify features across multiple layers.</li>\n"
" <li>Added a new plugin for carrying out raster terrain analysis (computing slope aspect, steepness etc).</li>\n"
" <li>A reshape tool to apply to line/polygon geometries. The part of a geometry between the first and\n"
" last intersection of the reshape line will be replaced.</li>\n"
" <li>Added snapping to current layer in measure dialog.</li>\n"
" <li>Added ability to select the primary key for views.</li>\n"
" <li>Zoom to a coordinate by entering it in the status bar coordinate display.</li>\n"
"</ul>" )

"(LTS)1.0.x release series. In all other cases we recommend that you use this "
"version." )
+ "</p><p>" +
tr( "This release includes around 200 bug fixes, nearly 30 new "
"features and has had a lot of love and attention poured in "
"to it to take our favourite desktop GIS application another "
"step on the road to GIS nirvana! So much has happened in "
"the 3 months since our last release that it is impossible "
"to document everything here. Instead we will just highlight "
"a couple of important new features for you." )
+ "</p><p>" +
tr("Probably the biggest new feature is the addition of the new "
"vector symbology infrastructure. This is provided alongside the "
"old implementation - you can switch using a button in the "
"vector layer properties dialog. It does't replace the old "
"symbology implementation completely yet because there are "
"various isues that need to be resolved and a large amount "
"of testinhen it is considered ready.")
+ "</p><p>" +
tr("QGIS now has a field calculator, accessible via a button in "
"the attribute section of the vector properties, and from "
"the attribute table user interface. You can use feature "
"length, feature area, string concatenation and type "
"conversions in the field calculator, as well as field "
+ "</p><p>" +
tr("The map composer has had a lot of attention. A grid can now "
"be added to composer maps. Composer maps can now be rotated "
"in the layout. The limitation of a single map layout "
"per project has been removed. A new composer manager dialog "
"has been added to manage the existing composer instances. "
"The composer widget property sheets have been completely "
"overhauled to use less screen space ")
+ "</p><p>" +
tr("Various parts of the user interface have been overhauled "
"with the goal of improving consistency and to improve "
"support for netbooks and other smaller screen devices. "
"Loading and saving of shortcuts. Position can now be "
"displayed as Degrees, Minutes, Seconds in the status bar. "
"The add, move and delete vertex buttons are now removed and "
"the node tool is moved from the advanced editing toolbar to "
"the standard editing toolbar. The identification tool has also "
"undergone numerous improvements.")
+ "</p><p>" +
tr("A render caching capability has been added to QGIS. This "
"speeds up common operations such as layer re-ordering, "
"changing symbology, WMS / WFS client, hiding / showing "
"layers and opens the door for future enhancements such as "
"threaded rendering and pre-compositing layer cache "
"manipulation. Note that it is disabled by default, and "
"can be enabled in the options dialog.")
+ "</p><p>" +
tr("User defined SVG search paths are now added to the options "
+ "</p><p>" +
tr("When creating a new shapefile, you can now specify its CRS. "
"Also the avoid intersections option for polygons is now "
"also possible with background layers.")
+ "</p><p>" +
tr("For power users, you can now create customizable attribute "
"forms using Qt Designer dialog UIs.")
+ "</p>" +
+ "</body></html>";

abt->setWhatsNew( whatsNew );
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