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fix QgsProject::clearProperties() doxymentation
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jef-n committed Feb 14, 2015
1 parent 86d08b6 commit 4a4a700
Showing 1 changed file with 0 additions and 30 deletions.
30 changes: 0 additions & 30 deletions src/core/qgsproject.h
Expand Up @@ -177,36 +177,6 @@ class CORE_EXPORT QgsProject : public QObject
bool write();

/// syntactic sugar for property lists
// DEPRECATED typedef QPair< QString, QVariant > PropertyValue;
// DEPRECATED typedef QValueList< PropertyValue > Properties;

/** extra properties, typically added by plug-ins
This allows for extra properties to be associated with projects. Think
of it as a registry bound to a project.
Properties are arbitrary values keyed by a name and associated with a
scope. The scope would presumably refer to your plug-in.
E.g., "openmodeller".
E.g., open modeller might use:
@todo "properties" is, overall, a good name; but that might imply that
the qgis specific state properites are different since they aren't
accessible here. Actually, what if we make "qgis" yet another
scope that stores its state in the properties list? E.g.,
// DEPRECATED Properties & properties( QString const & scope );

removes all project properties
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