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Fixed problem with duplicated recent algorithms tree.
Also fixed  blocking typo in modeler code, introduced in last commit, and two minor changes in saga
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volaya committed Apr 1, 2013
1 parent a0e9f89 commit 4a560bbfad5bb3ee13e48eb154a419fdfbaad018
@@ -151,13 +151,16 @@ def fillTree(self):

def addRecentAlgorithms(self, updating):
showRecent = SextanteConfig.getSetting(SextanteConfig.SHOW_RECENT_ALGORITHMS)
if showRecent:
first = self.algorithmTree.topLevelItem(0)
if updating:
self.algorithmTree.removeItemWidget(first, 0)
if showRecent:
recent = SextanteLog.getRecentAlgorithms()
if len(recent) != 0:
found = False
if updating:
recentItem = self.algorithmTree.topLevelItem(0)
treeWidget = recentItem.treeWidget()
#self.algorithmTree.removeItemWidget(first, 0)

recentItem = QTreeWidgetItem()
recentItem.setText(0,"Recently used algorithms"))
for algname in recent:
@@ -166,13 +169,12 @@ def addRecentAlgorithms(self, updating):
algItem = TreeAlgorithmItem(alg)
found = True
if found:
if found:
self.algorithmTree.insertTopLevelItem(0, recentItem)


def fillTreeUsingCategories(self):
providersToExclude = ["model", "script"]
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ def getCopy(self):
newone = ModelerAlgorithm()
newone.provider = self.provider
newone.deactivated = self.deactivate
newone.deactivated = self.deactivated
return newone

def __init__(self):
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ def getPostProcessingErrorMessage(self, wrongLayers):
html += ("<p>This algorithm requires SAGA to be run. A test to check if SAGA is correctly installed "
"and configured in your system has been performed, with the following result:</p><ul><i>")
if msg is None:
html += "Saga seems to be correctly installed and configured</li></ul>"
html += "SAGA seems to be correctly installed and configured</li></ul>"
html += msg + "</i></li></ul>"
html += '<p><a href= "">Click here</a> to know more about how to install and configure SAGA to be used with SEXTANTE</p>'
@@ -142,4 +142,4 @@ def checkSagaIsInstalled(ignoreRegistrySettings=False):
s = traceback.format_exc()
return "Error while checking SAGA installation. SAGA might not be correctly configured.\n" + s;

settings.setValue("/SextanteQGIS/SagaInstalled", True)
settings.setValue(SAGA_INSTALLED, True)

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