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Fix for #726 (double deletion of active editing map tool)
git-svn-id: c8812cc2-4d05-0410-92ff-de0c093fc19c
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wonder committed Aug 6, 2007
1 parent 9e44986 commit 4aaabbe
Showing 1 changed file with 0 additions and 4 deletions.
@@ -964,10 +964,6 @@ void QgsGrassEdit::closeEdit(void)
std::cerr << "QgsGrassEdit::close()" << std::endl;

// grass edit tool would become invalid
// ...delete it, it will notify map canvas
delete mCanvas->mapTool();

// Disconnect signals
// Warning: it seems that slots (postRender) can be called even
// after disconnect (is it a queue?)

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