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azure pipelines: switch to vs2017-win2016 image

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jef-n committed Mar 12, 2020
1 parent 6bbada4 commit 4c4962524917fc3e4e9b46e69acd87e6df02ae06
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  1. +1 −10 .ci/azure-pipelines/azure-pipelines.yml
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ pr:
- job: OSGeo4W
vmImage: vs2015-win2012r2
vmImage: vs2017-win2016
timeoutInMinutes: 360
maxParallel: 4
@@ -111,9 +111,6 @@ jobs:
- script: curl --output c:\osgeo4w-setup.exe
displayName: 'Download OSGeo4W Installer'

- script: curl --location-trusted --output c:\cmake.msi
displayName: 'Download CMake Installer'

- script: curl --location-trusted --output c:\
displayName: 'Download Ninja'

@@ -154,12 +151,6 @@ jobs:
rmdir /s /q c:\temp\osgeo4w
displayName: 'Clear package caches'
- powershell: ms-windows/osgeo4w/runasadmin.ps1 msiexec.exe /X C:\Windows\Installer\146218.msi /qn /norestart /l*v c:\cmake-uninstall.log
displayName: 'Uninstalling old CMake'

- powershell: ms-windows/osgeo4w/runasadmin.ps1 msiexec.exe /I c:\cmake.msi /qn /norestart /l*v c:\cmake-install.log
displayName: 'Installing CMake'

- script: c:\cygwin\bin\unzip -o c:\ -d %OSGEO4W_ROOT%\bin
displayName: 'Extracting Ninja'

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