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improve built-in "no help found" page
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alexbruy committed Jan 10, 2017
1 parent 9a94da8 commit 4ce3bd2
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17 changes: 9 additions & 8 deletions doc/nohelp.html
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<title>No help found</title>
<meta charset="UTF-8">

<center><a href=""><img src="qgis-icon-60x60.png" border=0></a></center>
<p>Sorry, help is not available. Probably you have no Internet connection,
location of the help files is not configured or there is no help content
for requested topic.</p>
<p>Please make sure that correct location of the help files specified
in the QGIS options dialog (Settings&nbsp;&rarr; Options&nbsp;&rarr;
<p>QGIS help is currently not available. This is likely because:</p>
<li>No internet connection is available</li>
<li>The offline help files are not available or the location of these
files is not properly configured</li>
<li>No help content is available for the requested topic</li>
<p>Please check that the correct location of the offline help files is
specified in the QGIS options dialog (Settings&nbsp;&rarr; Options&nbsp;&rarr;System).</p>


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