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Revert "[processing] added test for invalid geometry checking"
This reverts commit 3067648.

Test is failing
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nyalldawson committed Jan 9, 2017
1 parent 1500ead commit 4d51e1d
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Showing 2 changed files with 0 additions and 18 deletions.
4 changes: 0 additions & 4 deletions python/plugins/processing/tests/
Expand Up @@ -36,7 +36,3 @@ def table():

def points():
return os.path.join(testDataPath, 'points.gml')

def invalid_geometries():
return os.path.join(testDataPath, 'invalidgeometries.gml')

14 changes: 0 additions & 14 deletions python/plugins/processing/tests/
Expand Up @@ -99,22 +99,8 @@ def testFeatures(self):
features = vector.features(test_layer, QgsFeatureRequest().setFlags(QgsFeatureRequest.NoGeometry))
self.assertEqual(set([ for f in features]), set([2, 4, 6]))

#test exception is raised when filtering invalid geoms
test_layer_invalid_geoms = QgsVectorLayer(invalid_geometries(), 'test', 'ogr')

previous_value_invalid_geoms = ProcessingConfig.getSetting(ProcessingConfig.FILTER_INVALID_GEOMETRIES)
ProcessingConfig.setSettingValue(ProcessingConfig.FILTER_INVALID_GEOMETRIES, 2)
features = vector.features(test_layer_invalid_geoms)
features = [f for f in features]
except GeoAlgorithmExecutionException:

ProcessingConfig.setSettingValue(ProcessingConfig.FILTER_INVALID_GEOMETRIES, previous_value_invalid_geoms)
ProcessingConfig.setSettingValue(ProcessingConfig.USE_SELECTED, previous_value)

def testValues(self):

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