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Guts authored and nyalldawson committed Jan 11, 2021
1 parent 74fb453 commit 4d8660375d2bbca05d4eb24d44d066c8cf53815c
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@@ -502,7 +502,7 @@ def reloadPlugin(packageName):

def showPluginHelp(packageName: str = None, filename: str = "index", section: str = ""):
"""Open help in the user's html browser. The help file should be named index-ll_CC.html or index-ll.html or index.html.
:param str packageName: name of package folder, if None it's using the current file package. Defaults to None. Optional.
:param str filename: name of file to open. It can be a path like 'doc/index' for example. Defaults to 'index'.
:param str section: URL path to open. Defaults to empty string.

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