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Sip updates for source select provider and registry
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elpaso committed Sep 4, 2017
1 parent 2d073d6 commit 50e0a01
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@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ Text for the menu item entry, it will be visible to the user so make sure it's t
:rtype: int

virtual QgsAbstractDataSourceWidget *createDataSourceWidget( QWidget *parent = 0 ) const = 0 /Factory/;
virtual QgsAbstractDataSourceWidget *createDataSourceWidget( QWidget *parent = 0, Qt::WindowFlags fl = Qt::Widget, QgsProviderRegistry::WidgetMode widgetMode = QgsProviderRegistry::WidgetMode::Embedded ) const = 0 /Factory/;
Create a new instance of QgsAbstractDataSourceWidget (or null).
Caller takes responsibility of deleting created.
@@ -43,23 +43,24 @@ Get list of available providers

void addProvider( QgsSourceSelectProvider *provider /Transfer/ );
Add a provider implementation. Takes ownership of the object.
Add a ``provider`` implementation. Takes ownership of the object.

void removeProvider( QgsSourceSelectProvider *provider );
bool removeProvider( QgsSourceSelectProvider *provider /Transfer/ );
Remove provider implementation from the list (provider object is deleted)
:return: true if the provider was actually removed and deleted
:rtype: bool

QgsSourceSelectProvider *providerByName( const QString &name );
Return a provider by name or None if not found
Return a provider by ``name`` or None if not found
:rtype: QgsSourceSelectProvider

QList<QgsSourceSelectProvider *> providersByKey( const QString &providerKey );
Return a (possibly empty) list of providers by data provider's key
Return a (possibly empty) list of providers by data ``providerkey``
:rtype: list of QgsSourceSelectProvider

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