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Reduce margin inside the shadow group box

aligning with others in the dialog
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DelazJ authored and nyalldawson committed Sep 24, 2020
1 parent f3a5b69 commit 50f7a0eca7f7cb9f3aa0b87b821306839bfd563b
Showing with 12 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +12 −0 src/ui/3d/map3dconfigwidget.ui
@@ -101,6 +101,18 @@
<layout class="QGridLayout" name="gridLayout_6">
<property name="leftMargin">
<property name="topMargin">
<property name="rightMargin">
<property name="bottomMargin">
<item row="0" column="0">
<layout class="QGridLayout" name="gridLayout_5"/>

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