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fix doxygen test on Travis
it seems that doxygen 1.18.13 is not behaving the same as 1.1811 (Travis one).
one might need to remove some spaces in the signature as they are different depending on Doxygen's version
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3nids committed Aug 6, 2017
1 parent 7946908 commit 518ffe3f627144484fa6dfba9b6d961d742337d8
@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@
export CORES=2

mkdir build
cd build
pushd build

make -j${CORES}

@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@
set -e

pushd build

export CTEST_BUILD_COMMAND="/usr/bin/make -j3 -i -k"
python ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/.ci/travis/scripts/ xvfb-run ctest -V --output-on-failure -S ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/.ci/travis/travis.ctest
python3 ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/.ci/travis/scripts/ xvfb-run ctest -V --output-on-failure -S ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR}/.ci/travis/travis.ctest

ctest -V -R PyQgsDocCoverage


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@nyalldawson nyalldawson replied Aug 7, 2017

You know... and alternative solution to getting this to pass both locally and on Travis would be just to add the dox for the members which are misbehaving...


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@3nids 3nids replied Aug 7, 2017

Documenting instead of hacking to fix the documentation test is indeed an interesting approach

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