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Make frames expandable and cover needed space
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DelazJ authored and nyalldawson committed Nov 26, 2017
1 parent 62d7115 commit 54b516530da65f971ef319d9f6be6d2684f0bb45
Showing 1 changed file with 6 additions and 13 deletions.
@@ -1588,19 +1588,6 @@ border-radius: 2px;</string>
<spacer name="verticalSpacer_4">
<property name="orientation">
<property name="sizeHint" stdset="0">
@@ -2162,6 +2149,12 @@ border-radius: 2px;</string>
<item row="2" column="0">
<widget class="QgsCollapsibleGroupBox" name="mAuxiliaryStorageFieldsGrpBox">
<property name="sizePolicy">
<sizepolicy hsizetype="Preferred" vsizetype="Expanding">
<property name="title">

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