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Minor fix to IT translation
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pcav committed Mar 13, 2014
1 parent 03ca0c8 commit 5683f35fb0d4b285c1488686e566aea50f6b4b96
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  1. +2 −2 i18n/qgis_it.ts
@@ -62043,12 +62043,12 @@ Vuoi aggiungerlo alla legenda?</translation>
<location filename="../src/ui/symbollayer/widget_vectorfield.ui" line="211"/>
<source>Counterclockwise from east</source>
<translation>Al contrario del senso dell&apos;orologio, da est</translation>
<translation>Antiorario da est</translation>
<location filename="../src/ui/symbollayer/widget_vectorfield.ui" line="204"/>
<source>Clockwise from north</source>
<translation>Nel senso dell&apos;orologio, da nord</translation>
<translation>Orario da nord</translation>

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