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## How to use it

1) Create a PR
2) Tag it with "Needs Documentation"
3) Optionally set the milestone to it
4) Merge it

* an issue is automatically created in the QGIS-Documentation repository
* in the PR, a message pings the author to tell him he should take care of the documentation issue

* Dummy PR:
* Auto created issue:

## How it works

* A Github [workflow]( takes care of creating the issue and commenting.
* To make it works on jobs triggered from forks (almost all PRs actually), the Github token has to be manually given. Since it cannot be written in clear, an [action]( obfuscates its using xor encryption.
* The labels on QGIS-Documentation are deduced from the PR milestone (e.g. 3.10.2 => 3.10). To label issues, push access is required. Due to security reasons (the token appears in clear), qgis-bot has no specific rights. Labels are created using a [workflow](

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