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Make the BUGS file point to the trac system
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BUGS,v 1.4 2004/02/25 05:42:07 gsherman Exp
Known issues and bugs in this release (QGIS 0.1 'Moroz')
1. Very large rasters cause crash [Bug 898642]
See the QGIS ticket/bug database at

1. OGR layers (for example shapefiles) do not reliably select or identify
features. Any feature that intersects the MBR (minimum bounding rectangle)
of the selection rectangle will be returned. This results in more features
being returned than desired.[Bug 896254]
2. Zooming in very close can result in a scrambled display. [Bug 895506]
3. Drawing polygons with patterns other than solid may leave "holes" where the
polygons are not properly rendered.[Bug 889454]

1. SPIT crashes on empty/invalid data in a shapefile [Bug 903940]

For additional information, see the QGIS Bugs page at:
for the list of current bugs.

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