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[FEATURE] Allow custom projections to be defined using WKT strings

instead of just proj strings

WKT strings are lossless and allow definition of a much wider range
of projections than are possible using proj strings.

A new combo box in the Custom Projections dialog allows users to
choose whether the new projection is defined using a WKT or PROJ string.
If possible, the current projection definition is automatically converted
when the combo box is changed by the user.

Also fixes #25918 in the process
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nyalldawson committed Dec 17, 2019
1 parent 8bfca7f commit 59a2cf142430a49c5b9ac2d2c8a3edd34d400167
Showing with 297 additions and 145 deletions.
  1. +206 −80 src/app/qgscustomprojectiondialog.cpp
  2. +21 −6 src/app/qgscustomprojectiondialog.h
  3. +70 −59 src/ui/qgscustomprojectiondialogbase.ui

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