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WCS test server instructions
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WCS test server installation
WCS test server is based on UMN MapServer running on

1. Install UMN MapServer ( version 6.0 or higher with WCS support (--with-wcs configure option if compiled from source)

2. Copy test data from qgis source tests/testdata/raster somewhere on server, for example to /var/www/data/test/1.9.0/tests/testdata/raster.

3. Edit WCS mapfile, for example /var/www/data/test/1.9.0/tests/testdata/raster/ and set SHAPEPATH to the path where data were copied, e.g.:
SHAPEPATH "/var/www/data/test/1.9.0/tests/testdata/raster/"

4. Create script in cgi-bin dir where mapfile is specified, e.g. /usr/lib/cgi-bin/wcstest-1.9.0:

#! /bin/sh

5. Configure Web server, for example if Apache is used, add rewrite rule to config file using /test/<version>/wcs path:

RewriteRule /test/1.9.0/wcs /cgi-bin/wcstest-1.9.0 [PT]

6. WARNING: If possible, don't change WCS server URL for released versions. If the server URL has to be changed for development and future versions, change also the variable TEST_SERVER_URL in tests/src/providers/CMakeLists.txt.

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