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[processing] Disable cancel button for GDAL algorithms
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The provider doesn't support cancelation

(cherry-picked from d164f8f)
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nyalldawson committed Apr 6, 2018
1 parent a7096ae commit 5a9fd0c
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 0 deletions.
3 changes: 3 additions & 0 deletions python/plugins/processing/algs/gdal/
Expand Up @@ -59,6 +59,9 @@ def createInstance(self, config={}):
def createCustomParametersWidget(self, parent):
return GdalAlgorithmDialog(self)

def flags(self):
return QgsProcessingAlgorithm.FlagSupportsBatch # cannot cancel!

def getConsoleCommands(self, parameters, context, feedback, executing=True):
return None

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