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[postgres][test] Check QgsFeatureRequest.connectionTimeout flag

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m-kuhn committed Oct 29, 2017
1 parent 29e8990 commit 5dbeaf58c9e800d6c2d2388e5e18d9b04996bd3c
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  1. +12 −0 tests/src/python/
@@ -339,6 +339,18 @@ def testNestedInsert(self):
self.vl.addFeature(f) # Should not deadlock during an active iteration
f = next(it)

def testTimeout(self):
Asserts that we will not deadlock if more iterators are opened in parallel than
available in the connection pool
request = QgsFeatureRequest()

iterators = list()
for i in range(100):

def testTransactionNotDirty(self):
# create a vector ayer based on postgres
vl = QgsVectorLayer(self.dbconn + ' sslmode=disable key=\'pk\' srid=4326 type=POLYGON table="qgis_test"."some_poly_data" (geom) sql=', 'test', 'postgres')

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