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backport sorted field list issues

If the field list is sorted by name, the touched functions
should take into consideration the sorted list IDs instead of the unsorted one.
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tudorbarascu authored and m-kuhn committed Feb 1, 2017
1 parent 467d66a commit 5ddc536a6f609ba22877ee7e251c30c2a4e7d922
Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 src/app/qgsfieldsproperties.cpp
@@ -987,11 +987,11 @@ void QgsFieldsProperties::apply()
int idx = mFieldsList->item( i, attrIdCol )->text().toInt();
FieldConfig cfg = configForRow( i );

mLayer->editFormConfig()->setReadOnly( i, !cfg.mEditable );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setLabelOnTop( i, cfg.mLabelOnTop );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setNotNull( i, cfg.mNotNull );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setExpressionDescription( i, cfg.mConstraintDescription );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setExpression( i, cfg.mConstraint );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setReadOnly( idx, !cfg.mEditable );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setLabelOnTop( idx, cfg.mLabelOnTop );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setNotNull( idx, cfg.mNotNull );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setExpressionDescription( idx, cfg.mConstraintDescription );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setExpression( idx, cfg.mConstraint );

mLayer->editFormConfig()->setWidgetType( idx, cfg.mEditorWidgetV2Type );
mLayer->editFormConfig()->setWidgetConfig( idx, cfg.mEditorWidgetV2Config );

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