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Make widget more qgis-esque

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nyalldawson committed Apr 21, 2021
1 parent 28e4887 commit 5fa48420d716290a565976325572ff7f296717ac
@@ -13,68 +13,75 @@
class QgsRichTextEditor : QWidget, protected Ui::QgsRichTextEditorBase
Originally ported from, courtesy of Hobrasoft.
A widget for editing rich text documents, with support for user controlled formatting of text
and insertion of hyperlinks and images.

:py:class:`QgsRichTextEditor` provides a reusable widget for allowing users to edit rich text documents,
and retrieving and setting the documents via HTML formatted strings.

.. versionadded:: 3.20

#include "qgsrichtexteditor.h"

QgsRichTextEditor( QWidget *parent = 0 );
Constructor for QgsRichTextEditor, with the specified ``parent`` widget.

QString toPlainText() const;
Returns the widget's content as a plain text string.

.. seealso:: :py:func:`toHtml`

QString toHtml() const;
Returns the widget's content as a HTML string.

.. seealso:: :py:func:`toPlainText`

QTextDocument *document();
Returns a reference to the QTextDocument shown in the widget.

QTextCursor textCursor() const;
Returns a reference to the text cursor.

.. seealso:: :py:func:`setTextCursor`

void setTextCursor( const QTextCursor &cursor );
Sets the current text ``cursor``.

.. seealso:: :py:func:`textCursor`

public slots:

void setText( const QString &text );
void clearSource();
Sets the ``text`` to show in the widget.

The ``text`` can either be a plain text string or a HTML document.

protected slots:
void setPlainText( const QString &text );
void setHtml( const QString &text );
void textRemoveFormat();
void textRemoveAllFormat();
void textBold();
void textUnderline();
void textStrikeout();
void textItalic();
void textSize( const QString &p );
void textLink( bool checked );
void textStyle( int index );
void textFgColor();
void textBgColor();
void listBullet( bool checked );
void listOrdered( bool checked );
void slotCurrentCharFormatChanged( const QTextCharFormat &format );
void slotCursorPositionChanged();
void slotClipboardDataChanged();
void increaseIndentation();
void decreaseIndentation();
void insertImage();
void textSource();
void clearSource();
Clears the current text from the widget.

void mergeFormatOnWordOrSelection( const QTextCharFormat &format );
void fontChanged( const QFont &f );
void fgColorChanged( const QColor &c );
void bgColorChanged( const QColor &c );
void list( bool checked, QTextListFormat::Style style );
void indent( int delta );
void focusInEvent( QFocusEvent *event );

enum ParagraphItems
virtual void focusInEvent( QFocusEvent *event );


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