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Merge pull request #3169 from medspx/processing_grass7_rinlidar

[processing] add GRASS 7 algorithms
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alexbruy committed Jun 3, 2016
2 parents f9ab722 + 8792443 commit 62582098b949a35530a3f04f7aa6ccfd4d175d38
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@ - Extract information from LAS file
Raster (r.*)
ParameterFile|input|LAS input file|False|False
OutputHTML|html|LAS information
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
Creates a raster map from LAS LiDAR points using univariate statistics.
Raster (r.*)
ParameterFile|input|LAS input file|False|False
ParameterSelection|method|Statistic to use for raster values|n;min;max;range;sum;mean;stddev;variance;coeff_var;median;percentile;skewness;trimmean|5
ParameterSelection|type|Storage type for resultant raster map|CELL;FCELL;DCELL|1
ParameterString|zrange|Filter range for z data (min, max)|None|False|True
ParameterNumber|zscale|Scale to apply to z data|0.0|None|1.0|True
ParameterNumber|percent|Percent of map to keep in memory|1|100|100|True
ParameterString|pth|pth percentile of the values (between 1 and 100)|None|False|True
ParameterString|trim|Discard <trim> percent of the smallest and <trim> percent of the largest observations (0-50)|None|False|True
ParameterString|resolution|Output raster resolution|None|False|True
ParameterString|return_filter|Only import points of selected return type Options: first, last, mid|None|False|True
ParameterString|class_filter|Only import points of selected class(es) (comma separated integers)|None|False|True
*ParameterBoolean|-i|Import intensity values rather than z values|False
*ParameterBoolean|-e|Extend region extents based on new dataset|True
*ParameterBoolean|-o|Override dataset projection (use location's projection)|True
OutputRaster|output|Lidar Raster

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