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[ts] adding kyrgyz translators
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m-kuhn committed Oct 25, 2017
2 parents 7dbae64 + 1eac450 commit 6297d19b70f21ef6c73cf3f927c0af5a520b1a4b
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@@ -23,7 +23,9 @@

# script to generate a html list of the qgis application translations
# showing the percentage finished and the names of the translators

# try to always use ISO 639-1 language codes
# without argument it generates html which is used in the about-dialog of the application
# output to std-out, to be piped to doc/TRANSLATORS so it can be used in dialog
# scripts/ > doc/TRANSLATORS
@@ -62,6 +64,7 @@
'ka' => 'Shota Murtskhvaladze, George Machitidze',
'km' => 'Khoem Sokhem',
'ko' => 'OSGeo Korean Chapter',
'ky' => 'Stéphane Henriod, Azamat Karypov, Salaidin Kamaldinov, Akylbek Chymyrov, Chinara Saparova, Almaz Abdiev, Nurlan Tokbaev, Tatygul, Urmambetova, Adilet Bekturov, Nursultan Ismailov, Nurlan Zhusupov',
'lo' => 'Anousak Souphavanh, Soukanh Lathsavong',
'lv' => 'Maris Nartiss, Pēteris Brūns',
'lt' => 'Paulius Litvinas, Tomas Straupis, Kestas M',

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