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[processing] add GRASS 7.x v.out.ascii algorithm
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alexbruy committed Jan 27, 2017
2 parents c727342 + bf2d999 commit 66e10e4
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10 changes: 10 additions & 0 deletions python/plugins/processing/algs/grass7/description/v.out.ascii.txt
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@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
Exports a vector map to a GRASS ASCII vector representation.
Vector (v.*)
ParameterVector|input|Name of input vector map|-1|False
ParameterSelection|format|Output format|point;standard;wkt|False
ParameterSelection|separator|Field separator|pipe;comma;space;tab;newline|False
ParameterNumber|precision|Number of significant digits (floating point only)|0|32|8|True
*ParameterBoolean|-o|Create old (version 4) ASCII file|False
*ParameterBoolean|-c|Include column names in output (points mode)|False
OutputFile|output|Name for output ASCII file or ASCII vector name if '-o' is defined

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