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[GDAL provider] Improve UI responsiveness affected by 3b2b98b
The consequence of sharing the same GDAL object and protecting them under mutex is that
instanciating a new pipeline for job preview background can actually be blocked for
a long time, and thus causing the UI to be totally non-responsive

So change the strategy to use a global cache of GDAL datasets that can be reused by
cloned GDAL providers, while still maintaining the number of opened datasets to
a reasonable amount.
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rouault committed Nov 15, 2017
1 parent 3b2b98b commit 670764d14c11a4683c6fa34478f9e8cc10629b13
Showing with 363 additions and 67 deletions.
  1. +313 −63 src/providers/gdal/qgsgdalprovider.cpp
  2. +50 −4 src/providers/gdal/qgsgdalprovider.h

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