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Added SIP generation to build/python directory of API files for QScin…
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…tilla code completion/call tips.

Signed-off-by: Tim Sutton <>
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dakcarto authored and timlinux committed Apr 10, 2012
1 parent e54e87f commit 67c77e5
Showing 1 changed file with 5 additions and 1 deletion.
6 changes: 5 additions & 1 deletion python/CMakeLists.txt
Expand Up @@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ ENDIF(NOT PYQT4_VERSION_NUM LESS 264194)
# core module
FILE(GLOB sip_files_core core/*.sip)
SET(SIP_EXTRA_FILES_DEPEND ${sip_files_core})
SET(SIP_EXTRA_OPTIONS ${PYQT4_SIP_FLAGS} -o -a ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/python/qgis.core.api)
ADD_SIP_PYTHON_MODULE(qgis.core core/core.sip qgis_core)

# additional gui includes
Expand All @@ -77,6 +78,7 @@ INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES(
# gui module
FILE(GLOB sip_files_gui gui/*.sip)
SET(SIP_EXTRA_FILES_DEPEND ${sip_files_core} ${sip_files_gui})
ADD_SIP_PYTHON_MODULE(qgis.gui gui/gui.sip qgis_core qgis_gui)

# additional analysis includes
Expand All @@ -90,11 +92,13 @@ INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES(
# analysis module
FILE(GLOB sip_files_analysis analysis/*.sip)
SET(SIP_EXTRA_FILES_DEPEND ${sip_files_core} ${sip_files_analysis})
SET(SIP_EXTRA_OPTIONS ${PYQT4_SIP_FLAGS} -o -a ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/python/qgis.analysis.api)
ADD_SIP_PYTHON_MODULE(qgis.analysis analysis/analysis.sip qgis_core qgis_analysis)

# network-analysis module
FILE(GLOB sip_files_network_analysis analysis/network/*.sip)
SET(SIP_EXTRA_FILES_DEPEND ${sip_files_core} ${sip_files_network_analysis})
SET(SIP_EXTRA_FILES_DEPEND ${sip_files_core} ${sip_files_network_analysis})
SET(SIP_EXTRA_OPTIONS ${PYQT4_SIP_FLAGS} -o -a ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/python/qgis.networkanalysis.api)
ADD_SIP_PYTHON_MODULE(qgis.networkanalysis analysis/network/networkanalysis.sip qgis_core qgis_networkanalysis)

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