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Médéric RIBREUX committed May 29, 2016
1 parent ecf6d2a commit 68f42a406c9141370a7ce09924f2033bd20e9f16
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Calculates different types of vegetation indices.
Imagery (i.*)
ParameterRaster|red|Name of input red channel surface reflectance map [0.0-1.0]|True
ParameterSelection|viname|Type of vegetation index|arvi;dvi;evi;evi2;gvi;gari;gemi;ipvi;msavi;msavi2;ndvi;pvi;savi;sr;vari;wdvi|10
ParameterRaster|nir|Name of input nir channel surface reflectance map [0.0-1.0]|True
ParameterRaster|green|Name of input green channel surface reflectance map [0.0-1.0]|True
ParameterRaster|blue|Name of input blue channel surface reflectance map [0.0-1.0]|True
ParameterRaster|band5|Name of input 5th channel surface reflectance map [0.0-1.0]|True
ParameterRaster|band7|Name of input 7th channel surface reflectance map [0.0-1.0]|True
ParameterString|soil_line_slope|Value of the slope of the soil line (MSAVI2 only)|None|False|True
ParameterString|soil_line_intercept|Value of the factor of reduction of soil noise (MSAVI2 only)|None|False|True
ParameterString|soil_noise_reduction|Value of the slope of the soil line (MSAVI2 only)|None|False|True
ParameterSelection|storage_bit|Maximum bits for digital numbers|7;8;9;10;16|1
OutputRaster|output|Vegetation Index

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