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Merge pull request #8338 from 3nids/fix20201
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use Exclude field by default for relation search widget wrapper
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m-kuhn committed Oct 26, 2018
2 parents f0735d9 + 95142cc commit 6944240
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Expand Up @@ -47,8 +47,6 @@ Returns a variant representing the current state of the widget.

virtual QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags supportedFlags() const;

virtual QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags defaultFlags() const;

virtual QString createExpression( QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags flags ) const;

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Expand Up @@ -56,11 +56,6 @@ QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags QgsRelationReferenceSearchWidgetWrapper::sup
return EqualTo | NotEqualTo | IsNull | IsNotNull;

QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags QgsRelationReferenceSearchWidgetWrapper::defaultFlags() const
return EqualTo;

QString QgsRelationReferenceSearchWidgetWrapper::createExpression( QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags flags ) const
QString fieldName = createFieldIdentifier();
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Expand Up @@ -58,7 +58,6 @@ class GUI_EXPORT QgsRelationReferenceSearchWidgetWrapper : public QgsSearchWidge
QString expression() const override;
bool valid() const override;
QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags supportedFlags() const override;
QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags defaultFlags() const override;
QString createExpression( QgsSearchWidgetWrapper::FilterFlags flags ) const override;

public slots:
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