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QList<QString> -> QStringList

I tend to prefer the first form but I don't really care.
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elpaso committed Dec 20, 2018
1 parent 9ce7e54 commit 6a03e07adc8b70227da03a0863f5d52f3534b395
@@ -1123,9 +1123,9 @@ void QgsSpatiaLiteProvider::determineViewPrimaryKey()

QList<QString> QgsSpatiaLiteProvider::tablePrimaryKeys( const QString tableName ) const
QStringList QgsSpatiaLiteProvider::tablePrimaryKeys( const QString &tableName ) const
QList<QString> result;
QStringList result;
const QString sql = QStringLiteral( "PRAGMA table_info(%1)" ).arg( QgsSqliteUtils::quotedIdentifier( tableName ) );
char **results = nullptr;
int rows;
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ class QgsSpatiaLiteProvider: public QgsVectorDataProvider
void determineViewPrimaryKey();

//! Returns primary key(s) from a table name
QList<QString> tablePrimaryKeys( const QString tableName ) const;
QStringList tablePrimaryKeys( const QString &tableName ) const;

//! Check if a table/view has any triggers. Triggers can be used on views to make them editable.
bool hasTriggers();

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