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Fixed some parameter names: dot is underscore
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neteler authored and alexbruy committed May 7, 2014
1 parent 8b40a63 commit 6ab5d2176043d04c702d77eedc988f4a68e6f1f1
Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 python/plugins/processing/algs/grass7/description/r.watershed.txt
@@ -4,18 +4,18 @@ Raster (r.*)
ParameterRaster|depression|Locations of real depressions|True
ParameterRaster|flow|Amount of overland flow per cell|True
ParameterRaster||Percent of disturbed land, for USLE|True
ParameterRaster|disturbed_land|Percent of disturbed land, for USLE|True
ParameterRaster|blocking|Terrain blocking overland surface flow, for USLE|True
ParameterNumber|threshold|Minimum size of exterior watershed basin|None|None|0
ParameterNumber|max.slope.length|Maximum length of surface flow, for USLE|None|None|0
ParameterNumber|max_slope_length|Maximum length of surface flow, for USLE|None|None|0
ParameterBoolean|-4|Allow only horizontal and vertical flow of water|False
ParameterBoolean|-b|Beautify flat areas|False
OutputRaster|accumulation|Number of cells that drain through each cell
OutputRaster|drainage|Drainage direction
OutputRaster|basin|Unique label for each watershed basin
OutputRaster|stream|Stream segments
OutputRaster|half.basin|Half-basins output layer
OutputRaster|half_basin|Half-basins output layer
OutputRaster|visual|Visual display output layer
OutputRaster|length.slope|Slope length and steepness (LS) factor for USLE
OutputRaster|slope.steepness|Slope steepness (S) factor for USLE
OutputRaster|length_slope|Slope length and steepness (LS) factor for USLE
OutputRaster|slope_steepness|Slope steepness (S) factor for USLE
OutputRaster|tci|Topographic index ln(a / tan(b))

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