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fix version strings in german translation
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jef committed Mar 20, 2011
1 parent cfd2543 commit 6bd3336
Showing 1 changed file with 6 additions and 3 deletions.
9 changes: 6 additions & 3 deletions i18n/qgis_de.ts
Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -7332,7 +7332,8 @@ Diese Fehler immer ignorieren?</translation>
<location filename="../src/app/qgisapp.cpp" line="1917"/>
GDAL/OGR Version: %1.</source>
<translation>GDAL/OGR-Version: %1.</translation>
GDAL/OGR-Version: %1.</translation>
<location filename="../src/app/qgisapp.cpp" line="1920"/>
Expand All @@ -7359,13 +7360,15 @@ SpatiaLite-Version: %1.</translation>
<location filename="../src/app/qgisapp.cpp" line="1928"/>
No SpatiaLite support.</source>
<translation>Keine SpatiaLite-Unterstützung.</translation>
Keine SpatiaLite-Unterstützung.</translation>
<location filename="../src/app/qgisapp.cpp" line="1931"/>
QWT Version: %1.</source>
<translation>Qwt-Version: %1.</translation>
Qwt-Version: %1.</translation>
<location filename="../src/app/qgisapp.cpp" line="2206"/>
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