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better fix for r.relief in grass7
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Giovanni Manghi committed May 24, 2015
1 parent 2ff6f72 commit 6be81c6
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Expand Up @@ -6,5 +6,4 @@ ParameterNumber|altitude|Altitude of the sun in degrees above the horizon|0|90|3
ParameterNumber|azimuth|Azimuth of the sun in degrees to the east of north|0|360|270.0
ParameterNumber|zscale|Factor for exaggerating relief|None|None|1.0
ParameterNumber|scale|Scale factor for converting horizontal units to elevation units|None|None|1.0
ParameterSelection|units|Elevation units (overrides scale factor)|intl;survey
OutputRaster|output|Output shaded relief layer

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